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Франсиско Карлос Рибейра о Восточном международном экономическом форуме.

Франсиско Карлос Рибейра о Восточном международном экономическом форуме. 31.08.2021

Франсиско Карлос Рибейра о Восточном международном экономическом форуме.

1)      The Eastern International Economic Forum starts to end of week in Vladivostok, Russia. What do they think of this event in Brazil? How do you personally assess it?

I think is important to improve the exchange ideas and exchange experiences for to improve better practices and ideas for one better society. I am known about it through Russians researchers that are my friends, especially from Dr. Alexander Neverov.

 2)      The forum will be held in Vladivostok. Obviously, the participants will include representatives of China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and other countries of the region. What role can this forum play for South American countries? What does that require?

I think that it does paly important role for think for better governance practices. However, I think that in South American the Russians initiatives have less advertisement and I need take better knowledge about it and through governmental agreements improve Brazilians Universities take part in it.

 3)      As a behavioral economist, what questions would you suggest for discussion on such a platform?

How behavioral economics can contribute for reduction of inequality? How the behavioral Economics can contribute for better understanding and for better practices in government actions and how behavioral economics can be contribute for improve better social capital.

 4)      What is the significance and what kind of reaction do you expect to this forum from the representatives of Europe, the USA and the UK?

That they will be able to share and to learn with others the best practices that improve HDI index in their countries.

 5)      Is it worth creating platforms for personal communication in the field of science, education, business? Or is the coronavirus showing that everything can now be done online?

The research platforms are very important to share ideas. Despite enormous contributions I think is possible merging both things. Research platforms for sharing ideas and improve discussion these ideas and lower (but existent) presential events not just improve local tourism but create some kind (sense) of certain intimacy and friendship therefore improving collective researches.   

 6)      If you were invited to the Eastern International Economic Forum, would you go? If yes, what questions would you go to discuss? What questions would be appropriate to raise in the forum for the development of Brazil?

I Have published my book “Economic Aspects of Omnipotence” I always want to discuss ideas that are in it. Notwithstanding, probably next months and years I would be researching about metropolitan policy in Sorocaba metropolitan region and its institutional quality and what the good law are able to support better policy. Maybe I would be able for present also, something this kind.